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How To Use FaceTune: For Natural Looking Photos

Ahh FaceTune-

FaceTune is a popular photo editing app that can help enhance and change the appearance of how a photo looks. Some of the tools included are

  • Whitening
  • Detailing
  • Patching
  • Softening
  • Blurring

However, some people believe that FaceTune alters our perception of how we see real people. It erases the flaws and creates a more “beautiful” photo according to society standards. While this is true, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to change a few minor details to create the image you initially had in your head. What I do mind is when people physically alter themselves to look unrealistic. If you ever wondered how someone could have such a small and curvy waist, chances are it’s FaceTuned/Photoshopped.

Today, I wanted to share some of my tips that I use for my Instagram photos ( ). I will show you how to use the major tools in FaceTune and how to make your photos look natural and flawless.


How To Use FaceTune’s Whitening Tool

The whitening tool is one of my favorite tools to use in FaceTune. I use it to slightly brighten my teeth and the backgrounds of my photos. To use this tool simply click on the toothbrush icon and begin whitening!

NOTE: If you are wanting to whiten something that is small, zoom in to that section. This not only allows for a more accurate whiten, but it also cuts down the time of erasing around the areas that aren’t supposed to be white.

Something that you want to be careful of while using this tool (and the rest of the tools) is over whitening the subject. If you just aggressively start whitening things, it will start to look unnatural and it’s not very pretty to look at. What I usually do is I gently glide my index finger over the areas I want to whiten. If you have a big area that you want to whiten, then it’s easier to be more aggressive. But if you are whitening someone’s teeth or eyes, you need to be careful using this tool to avoid the photo looking overdone and fake.

How To Use FaceTune’s Detail Tool

The detail tool is essentially a twin to Photoshop’s sharpening tool. It pulls out specific points to make the picture a lot clearer and brighter.

Now with this tool you NEED to make sure that you are not overly detailing things in your photo. Take for instance my eye, on the left is the photo where I overly used the detail tool and on the right is when I used the tool correctly. On the left although my eye looks cool, it doesn’t look natural. On the other hand, the photo on the right does look natural and my eyes stand more than before.

You don’t just have to add details to your eyes, some other areas that I like to add detail in are my hair, lips, jaw, and nose! This doesn’t change the face (unless used aggressively) but it brings out the natural shadows formed onto your face.

How To Use FaceTune’s Patch Tool

The patch tool is something that I have recently discovered and this tool is a twin of Photoshop’s clone tool. This tool allows you to add a section of one photo and put it on top of another section. Sounds confusing but in this before photo I have a pimple on my chin, I could use the patch tool to take some of my clear skin in the photo and put it on top of the pimple.

Some people aren’t a fan of this tool because it can take away what your face look like in real time. However, I don’t think getting rid of a pimple is that bad. You can also use this tool for other areas like getting rid trash on the ground if you have a street photo.

How To Use FaceTune’s Soften Tool

The softening is one of the most misused tools in FaceTune. So many times I see people with EXTREMELY airbrushed faces and it just looks gross. When using this tool, DO NOT go back and forth with your finger on the subject! Instead, swiftly glide your finger ONCE over the subject and if you think it needs another swipe, then go for it.

How To Use FaceTune’s Defocus Tool

Finally, the defocus tool. This was one of my favorite tools when I first started getting into photography. If you are using your iPhone for photos, then this tool will definitely step up your insta game.

Something that you need to be aware of while using this tool is that the background needs to be ENTIRELY blurred. I have seen photos where people leave a huge outline around their face/bodies. It looks weird and everyone can tell that you didn’t take the photo with a DSLR.

So those are all of my tips and tricks for how to use FaceTune! I really hope you found this helpful! Check out my video down below for a complete walk-through of everything I showed here!


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