How To Pick Your College Major

Going to college is one of the best experiences you will ever have in your life! Leaving home and finally being on your own, meeting tons of individuals each with their unique personalities and styles, and it’s a time where you can figure out who you really are/want to be. That being said, school is the main reason why you are probably going to college, so it is important that you pick the right major the first time.

My Back-Story

When I first got accepted into college, I thought I wanted to be a pre-med major because I wanted to become a dermatologist. However, once it was getting closer to finally move away, I realized that wasn’t for me. I knew my parents were both in the medical field and  at first I was following their footsteps since it’s all I’ve ever known. Don’t get me wrong I love learning about the body and how it works but I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. So naturally, I turned to business since that was another major that would make “the big bucks.”

This is where is started going downhill, once I got to college I switched over to business marketing and for some time I thought I wanted to be a marketer. However, once I started getting into the classes I realized that I hated business, but I kept trying to push myself because I didn’t think I had anywhere else to go. So for 2 semesters I tried my hardest to like business but I just couldn’t. One day I went back to visit my parents and I broke down crying saying I hate business, I don’t understand it and I don’t know what to do. In all honesty I thought my parents were just going to say stick it out you’re almost done but they did the complete opposite. Not only did they support my opinion but that day my mom sat me down with my laptop and helped me look for new majors.

So after a few hours and a lot of charts later, I am now an art major. It was extremely daunting because I never considered myself to be good at art, in fact I thought I was terrible at it. But my mom motivated me and told me to try my best in my pre-requisite classes to see what happened, so I did. Now, not only am I good at drawing/creating, I am also making extremely high grades from my work as well. Never in a million years would I have guessed this as my major, but I am so happy I followed my heart to try something new. That being said, I took the EXTREMELY long route of doing so, and that is why I am writing to you today so the same mistakes don’t happen in your college life.

So here are my top steps/tips for picking out the right major for you!

DISCLAIMER: No major is an “easy” major. Every major makes you work for something, whether you know what exactly what that is or not.

1. What Do YOU Want To Do?

One of the first and biggest mistakes I ever made was letting other people tell me what my major should be. Although the intentions were well, most of the options that I kept getting told were either business or medical related. It seemed like the only way I was ever going to make money was through those majors and if I picked anything else then I wouldn’t be able to make a solid living.

My best advice to you, do not let other people tell you what you should choose. Make this decision yourself by taking online career quizzes, searching through different jobs in a field that you’re interested in, and write down everything you love to do/ want to do and then find a career based on that list.

Here was my list when I first started to try and find different options:

  1. I love being on the computer
  2. I love creating (writing, filming, editing etc.)
  3. I like being my own boss
  4. I don’t like taking tests, but I do like working on projects that I can see visual progression in.

Im sure there were a few more but these were the top four things I knew I wanted in my career choice. I highly reccomend this because you are able to narrow down each major based on what you like or don’t like.

Here are also some different career/major quizzes you can take as well

2.  Everything To Know About Your Major

After picking a major or two that you think you would really love, it is time to dive deep and find out everything you can about that major. How many people make a stable living with your major? How long would it take to complete the program? Will I be happy for the rest of my life if I choose this major? How many career options are within the one major? These are all great questions to ask yourself when deciding. During my freshman year, I just did what everyone else was doing and that not only wasted money but it wasted my time that I could’ve spent trying to do something that I love.

Again, I would make a list and answer all of these questions as detailed as possible and add extra notes so you really understand what options are out there for you.

3. Career Choices Within The Major

So now that you have picked your major (or have narrowed it down to a few), it’s time to see what careers can come out of having that major. For instance, if you did want to be a doctor what type would you want to be? Surgeon, cardiologist, dermatologist, pediatrician, the list can go on and on and on but it’s up you to figure which one you would love doing the most with whatever major you decide to pick.

4. Stand Up For Your Choices

Lastly, once you have done everything you can to fully narrow down your desired major, stick with it! Do not let anyone tell you that your major is a waste or it’s not going to make enough money. There is nothing worse than believing someone telling you that you shouldn’t be in a major because of x, y, and z. If it’s your passion, you will be able to make it into a solid career.

I hope this post helps you with making a decision! College is the best experience ever so make it even greater by knowing what your passions are starting with your major!


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