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Hello everyone! I hope your New Year has been great so far and I hope you have reached some of your New Year’s resolutions as well. As January is coming to a close, I have found some new goodies that I have been using quite a lot this month. From makeup to music to books I have found so many wonderful things that I will definitely be using in February as well!



Urban Decay Palette (1 of 7)
I got the Smoky Eye Palette for Christmas from my cousin and I can honestly say I haven’t stopped using it once! The colors in this palette are beyond stunning and beautiful and the formula makes the colors so pigmented so I never have to use a ton to get the color intensity I am after.


Mascara (2 of 7)
Recently, I have been trying to find a new mascara that not only makes my eyelashes appear longer but also doesn’t clump up like previous mascaras I have used. My mom actually tried out the mascara before I did and she enjoyed using so I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, it has been such a great mascara and a definite improvement from the other mascaras I tried. It hardly ever clumps on my eyelashes and even when it does, it actually looks good! If I find that it’s starting to clump up a bit too much I usually run the container over hot water for about 10 seconds and then it acts as if I just opened it again. Overall I am very pleased to have found a new mascara that meets all of my desires in a mascara!


Blush (3 of 7)
I cannot remember the last time I used blush until now. I also received Loreal’s blush for Christmas and I was very excited since I haven’t bought a good blush color in about a year. Let me say that this blush is my absolute favorite and I don’t think I will ever change it up after using this one! It’s peachy toned with a little bit of sparkle and very pigmented. Words cannot describe how much I am in love with this blush it’s amazing in every way.


Nail polish (4 of 7)
Essie has been one of my top favorite nail polish brands for quite a while now and this nail polish did not disappoint in terms of color. I have been non-stop wearing this color for the whole month and I don’t think I am going to change it up anytime soon just because it is a neutral toned nail polish but it also gives a little pop of color to my outfits as well.

HOME Ashtyn Mug (5 of 7)

It might be weird putting in a mug as a favorite but I constantly use this mug and I just had to put it in my January favorites. I will put the link to the website because my boyfriend actually custom made this mug for me and I thought since it’s almost Valentine’s Day it might be a good thing to put in here in case any of you guys are stumped on gift ideas!


planners (6 of 7)
I cannot tell you how much these planners have helped me organize my life and everything that I have wanted to do so far this year. The first planner “Day Design” is mostly for my schoolwork and certain things I have to schedule times for during the week and my other planner is used for more creative reasons such as what I am going to film or blog about that particular day. I find that it is easier for me to kind of split these two things to make sure I do not get too overwhelmed with what I have going on but it also makes me feel even more organized since I can schedule a time to film and also know what I am going to film by having these two planners.


I am a huge fan of EDM music and anything electric and usually I don’t have any favorites because I love all of the songs I listen to, but this song is different from anything I have ever heard. It not only has the feel of an EDM song but it also feels euphoric in a way because a violin is being incorporated into the song. I usually listen to this song if I am feeling down or if I feel like I am getting a bit stressed out with everything, even though it doesn’t have words the music itself is inspiring and it also gets me pumped up again to follow my dreams ( not to mention the music video for this is pretty epic).


book (7 of 7)
I have only made it through part one of this book and I already feel so inspired by Dr. Dyer’s words. He takes inspiration to another level and a completely different perspective. It is a Christian based book and he really enforces living by the Spirit, throughout his life that is what he has done, he has given everything to the spirit and he does not worry about deadlines or goal plans because he knows it will get done when the time is right. It sounds weird right now and maybe a bit confusing but I promise you reading this book will make you think in a completely different perspective than you have been before and I could not be happier with how much my mindset has changed just from reading 6 chapters.
And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading my January favorites and I hope that you get to try some of the products out! Hope all is well and stay in touch for more blog posts!

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